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 I teach movement through yoga.

I use the foundations of yoga and apply functional anatomy to my teaching. I am taught by a physical therapist and a handstand coach. I pass on what I learn to make an impact on people’s movement and wellbeing; working on the breath, strength, posture, stability and mobility. Whether you’re an athlete, injured, beginner or pre/post natal, movement is for everyone!



Kundalini Yoga

 The Kundalini leader helps you meld your spiritual and physical self for an intense workout. 


Hatha Yoga

 The Hatha leader focuses on classes to help you build your foundation or knowledge and postures.  


Vinyasa Flow

Brennan has been practicing yoga for 23 years and teaching for 4. She teaches vinyasa flow, yoga for scoliosis, and prenatal yoga. Her approach is based on safety in alignment, accessibility, and having a good time.  She believes that yoga makes us all better people and that by changing your perspective, one can solve any problem. Her vinyasa classes are meant to be a moving meditation, a chance to rock out and a chance to be playful. Her prenatal classes are focused around preparing the mind and body for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She has an S curve herself and works with scoliotic students to adapt yoga practice to their own curves, lending to less pain and more mobility. She teaches all students, from beginners to the advanced and welcomes all humans to the practice.



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Vinyasa Dance Flow

Joanne Ball – Burgess (B.A., M.Ed, D. H. L.,), an intuitive healer by nature, was born and raised in Bermuda. She has formal training in West African Dance, Modern Contemporary dance & Lyrical, with East African traditional dances, Hip Hop & Dancehall as well as some dabbling in Musical Theatre.

After years of consistent practice, Joanne  completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Zanzinbar. Joanne is certified through Yoga Alliance and is certified to teach Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga-based Flow and Yin Yoga along with Yoga Nidra. She has recently completed the first level Pranic Healing Training as well as the Advanced Mystic Healer's course with Liz Waters. She has recently obtained her certification in Thai Massage Level 1.

Joanne brings a unique approach to her Vinyasa Flow practice where one is able to explore dance-integrated fluidity throughout the practice. This unique approach provides the space for a moving meditation of exuberant joy and expression within the practice.

Joanne leads Freedom Dance offering yogis and other attendees new levels of self-expression through the grounding, sweaty intensity of dance in many forms. Freedom Dance is the space where wild, spontaneous, creativity of movement and outward exuberance happens. It is also a space where inner healing through outward movement can be an intention.

Jo- also offers Vinyasa Dance Flow where the asana are used as the vehicle to move into dance combinations as a moving celebration of the whole person through mobility movements combined with stillness.

Overall, making yoga and meditation more accessible to everyone. 



 Anna has completed 2 x 200 hour yoga trainings. Power yoga with AYP in Nairobi and a Vinyasa training in Rishikesh. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years, Anna's classes focus on strength, flexibility and mind body awareness.




Ayesha Samji, a Wellness Consultant started her holistic journey 22 years ago. Ayesha is a certified Ayurveda specialist, yoga trainer and meditation instructor. She has traveled within Asia and India and has received certifications from various schools. Specializing in Ayurveda and ayurvedic techniques; traditional Hatha, restorative, prenatal, yin yoga and mindfulness techniques, yoga nidra and other forms of meditation.

Ayesha will be completing her postgraduate certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques and Advance Counselling and Communication certification by the end of 2020.

Ayesha brings a unique approach to her sessions. She incorporates awareness of emotions through sensations and works on finding a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Ayesha’s sessions are always different and depend on the internal and external weather patterns. She facilitates private sessions for stress reduction and wellness; anxiety disorders, insomnia, self-care and development, and people who have experienced life-altering situations. 

Ayesha’s techniques offer yogis and others a chance to take some time out to heal through movement and relaxation. She calms the mind through breathing techniques and meditation and renews the spirit to share compassion towards the self and others.



 Felix got his training in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga under the tutelage of
internationally certified Ashtanga teacher, Sharon Moon.

He is amongst the first certified Kundalini Yoga teachers in Kenya. His
training was led by renowned teachers from Kundalini Research
Institute in collaboration with Yoga Teachers for Africa.

Felix is also a certified Yoga Alliance teacher in Baptist Power Yoga and a
certified Pilates instructor. He is also an experienced Capoeira

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